About Us

The Fraternity Spiritism Society of Calgary was founded in June 20th 2015, and incorporated as a religious society by the Government of Alberta in February 10th 2016. We are affiliated to the Canadian Spiritist Council www.canadianspiritistcouncil.ca

Our main objectives and purposes are:

  • the propagation of Spiritism through teaching the doctrine, its practice and the culture associated with the teachings of Jesus and Spiritism as codified by Allan Kardec;
  • the dissemination of Spiritism through organizing groups of study, of prayer and of reflection; conferences; groups of mediumship education and practice; and groups of passes (laying on of hands);
  • the promotion of Spiritist knowledge through the operation of a library, containing books on Kardecist Spiritism and other literature that are aligned with the teachings of Jesus and Allan Kardec.

The objectives and purposes of FSS are based on the Spiritist Doctrine codified by Allan Kardec, on the gospel of Jesus Christ and any materials that are aligned with its principles and guidelines.

FSS adopts the following principles and directives:

  • there is no discrimination of age, ethnicity, gender, colour or religion against the beneficiaries of any of the services provided;
  • there is no profit sharing, dividends, “pro-labore” or payment of any sort to the members or workers of the institution;
  • all the revenue and expenses are to be published regularly and recorded in accounting books properly registered in accordance with the generally accepted accounting principles.